Magic Mind’s popular program now managed by Skio

Exciting news for all subscribers of Magic Mind’s popular program! The program is now being managed by Skio, a leading management and consulting firm. This change promises to bring many benefits to the Magic Mind community. In this blog post, we will unveil the details of this shift, the rationale behind it, and what changes you can expect. We will also discuss how this move will impact Magic Mind’s popular program and what benefits you can anticipate from Skio’s management. Additionally, we will explore why Magic Mind chose Skio for their monthly subscription program and how subscribers will benefit from enhanced services and features. Get ready to experience the power of Skio’s management!

Unveiling Skio’s Management of Magic Mind’s Program

Discover the exciting new era of Magic Mind’s program management as Skio takes the reins. The transition from in-house management to Skio brings forth a host of opportunities that are set to revolutionize the program. With Skio at the helm, subscribers can expect a range of exciting changes and enhancements, all aimed at providing a seamless and delightful experience. From a wider product range and comprehensive package choices to robust analytics and a user-friendly Skio dashboard, the possibilities are endless. Skio’s strong social media presence and solid vendor support ensure steady sales and higher customer retention. Moreover, the easy migration process guarantees that subscribers can seamlessly continue enjoying their favorite subscription products. Stay tuned to unleash the real impact of Skio’s subscription experience.

Skio Founder & CEO Kennan Davison says the agreement is a sign that brands see significant value in Skio’s subscription management platform

NEW YORK / PR Newswire /November 1, 2023 – Skio, a startup that is transforming the way businesses manage subscriptions on Shopify, announced today that it has reached a deal to help manage the subscription program for Magic Mind, an all-natural, matcha-based energy shot infused with nootropics and adaptogens designed to crush procrastination, brain fog and fatigue.

Led by a team of talented engineers from some of the best tech companies in the world, Skio helps brands sell subscriptions, manage recurring payments and do it quicker and more efficiently than its competitors, said Skio Founder & CEO Kennan Davison, who founded the company in 2021.

Magic Mind was founded by James Beshara, who was looking for a morning beverage that would increase energy and focus without the side effects of heavily caffeinated and sugar-rich beverages. He worked with a team of health and wellness experts and tested more than 100 recipes before creating Magic Mind, a 2-ounce shot that gives users 7 to 8 hours of productive, creative flow. It can be taken along with your current morning beverage, such as coffee or tea, or all by itself.

Magic Mind is the latest in a series of brands that have chosen Skio to oversee their subscription business, joining companies such as Milk Bar, Barstool Sports, 100 Thieves, Raw Nutrition, Vega, OpenStore, Doe Lashes, Siete Foods and many others.

“Magic Mind is an extremely popular and healthy energy beverage and we are thrilled to have them as a customer,” Davison said. “We look forward to helping their subscription program grow, creating happy customers and a reliable business stream for the brand.”

Subscription sales are increasing in popularity in numerous industries, with recurring sales expected to reach $904 billion by 2026, according to Forbes.

Magic Mind’s loyal customers love the opportunity to receive regular deliveries of the energy shots direct to their doorsteps and at a significant discount. Customers who sign up for subscription deliveries of Magic Mind can receive up to a 34% discount compared to one-time purchases.

“With Skio managing the processing side of our monthly subscriptions, we are free to focus on creating products that can fuel the creativity and productivity of the world,” Magic Mind CEO William Hicks said.

In addition to managing payments, Skio oversees consumer-facing processes, including customer portals and SMS subscription management. Visit: and Magic Mind is

The Rationale Behind the Shift

Magic Mind’s decision to choose Skio for program management was driven by several key factors. One of the primary reasons was Skio’s strong reputation and experience in handling subscription-based programs. Magic Mind recognized the value of a partner like Skio who had a proven track record in managing subscription programs effectively.

Additionally, Skio’s robust analytics capabilities played a crucial role in the decision-making process. Magic Mind understood the importance of data-driven insights to optimize their program and improve subscriber retention. Skio’s comprehensive package offered powerful analytics tools that would allow Magic Mind to analyze the performance of different action treatments and make data-backed decisions.

Furthermore, Skio’s subscription experience and solid vendor support made them an ideal choice. Magic Mind wanted a partner who could provide a seamless experience for their subscribers, from sign-up to cancel flow. Skio’s subscription management platform, coupled with their expertise, offered a user-friendly interface and easy migration options for Magic Mind’s entire team.

Another significant aspect that influenced Magic Mind’s decision was Skio’s ability to offer dynamic boxes and customizable product selections. Magic Mind valued the opportunity to provide their subscribers with a range of product choices and combinations, ensuring a tailored experience. Skio’s conditional logic allowed for easy customization and ensured that subscribers received products that best suited their preferences.

In summary, Magic Mind’s shift to Skio for program management was driven by a combination of factors such as Skio’s solid reputation, robust analytics capabilities, subscription experience, and customizable product offerings. By choosing Skio, Magic Mind aimed to enhance their program and create a seamless experience for their subscribers.

What Changes to Expect

Get ready for an exciting new chapter in Magic Mind’s program management. With Skio now at the helm, subscribers can anticipate a range of enhancements and improvements. Skio’s expertise and robust analytics will ensure a real impact on the program’s performance, with subscribers benefiting from a wider product range and customizable choices. The transition to Skio means a dynamic subscription experience, allowing for different combinations of actions and conditional logic. Subscribers will also enjoy a seamless migration process and solid vendor support. Skio’s comprehensive package includes a user-friendly dashboard, easy payment methods, and helpful documentation. Additionally, Magic Mind’s strong social media presence and word-of-mouth reputation will continue to foster a vibrant community. As a cult subscription brand, Magic Mind understands the importance of customer retention, and Skio’s management is expected to result in higher retention rates and fewer departures. Discover the future of Magic Mind’s popular program under Skio’s management.

The Impact on Magic Mind’s Popular Program

Skio’s management is set to have a significant impact on Magic Mind’s popular program. With Skio’s expertise and experience, subscribers can expect an enhanced experience that goes beyond their expectations. Skio’s management will not only ensure a seamless subscription side but also lead to a higher subscriber retention rate. The strong social media presence of both Magic Mind and Skio will contribute to attracting new subscribers and word of mouth promotion. Skio’s robust analytics and comprehensive package will allow for better product selections and choices, thereby improving customer satisfaction. Additionally, the dynamic boxes and conditional logic offered by Skio’s subscription experience will enable subscribers to customize their packages according to their preferences. The introduction of new features and benefits, as well as the availability of different combinations of actions, will further contribute to the growth and success of Magic Mind’s program under Skio’s management.

Anticipated Benefits of Skio Management

Discover the anticipated benefits of Skio management for Magic Mind’s program subscribers. With Skio overseeing the monthly subscription program, subscribers can expect a range of exciting improvements and features. Skio’s robust analytics will provide valuable insights into subscriber preferences and performance of different action treatments, helping Magic Mind make data-driven decisions to enhance the program. The new Skio dashboard will offer a user-friendly interface, allowing subscribers to easily manage their subscriptions, view their payment methods, and access help docs. Skio’s strong social media presence and solid vendor support will ensure a seamless experience for subscribers, with fewer departures and higher customer retention. Additionally, Skio’s expertise in subscription management will result in a comprehensive package of benefits, including dynamic boxes with different combinations of actions, conditional logic for personalized product choices, and a seamless cancel flow. With Skio at the helm, Magic Mind’s program is set to soar to new heights, providing subscribers with an enhanced and engaging subscription experience.

Magic Mind Chooses Skio for Monthly Subscription Program

Magic Mind has made a strategic decision to partner with Skio for the management of their monthly subscription program. The factors that influenced Magic Mind’s choice of Skio are multi-fold. Skio’s expertise in managing subscription programs, along with their strong social media presence and steady sales, were key considerations. Additionally, Skio’s robust analytics and solid vendor support played a significant role in the decision-making process.

By partnering with Skio, Magic Mind gains access to a comprehensive package of services that will have a real impact on the performance of their program. Skio’s subscription experience, showcased through their user-friendly dashboard and helpful documentation, ensures easy migration and a seamless transition for Magic Mind subscribers. Moreover, Skio offers dynamic boxes with different combinations of actions, providing subscribers with a wide range of product selections and choices.

Furthermore, Skio’s conditional logic and advanced cancel flow features contribute to higher customer retention rates. With Skio’s support, Magic Mind can now offer more flexible payment methods, larger discounts, and even space for custom development work. This partnership enables Magic Mind to scale their program and enhance the overall subscriber experience.

Get Ready to Experience the Benefits of Skio’s Management

Prepare to embark on a journey of enhanced subscription experiences with Skio’s management of Magic Mind’s program. As Skio takes the reins, get ready to unlock a range of new features, improved support, and an overall better experience. Skio’s robust analytics will provide real impact by analyzing the performance of different action treatments, allowing for data-driven decisions. With Skio’s steady sales and strong social media presence, Magic Mind’s subscriber churn is expected to decrease significantly, leading to higher customer retention. The Skio dashboard, coupled with comprehensive help docs, ensures that migration to the new subscription side is a breeze. Dynamic boxes and conditional logic offer a customizable package, enabling subscribers to create their own static boxes with different combinations of actions. Skio’s solid vendor support and easy cancellation flow make for a seamless experience. Prepare for a subscription journey like no other, as Skio’s management brings a whole new level of value to Magic Mind’s program subscribers.

Magic Mind entrusts Skio to manage monthly subscription program

Magic Mind has made the strategic decision to entrust Skio with the management of its highly popular monthly subscription program. This partnership signifies Magic Mind’s confidence in Skio’s abilities and expertise in managing subscription programs. Skio’s selection as the trusted partner highlights their strong track record and reputation in the industry. By choosing Skio, Magic Mind is ensuring a reliable management team that will oversee the program’s success.

The benefits of having Skio manage Magic Mind’s monthly subscription program are numerous. Skio’s robust analytics and performance tracking will provide valuable insights into subscriber churn, product selections, and the overall success of the program. Additionally, Skio’s subscription experience and comprehensive package will enhance the customer experience and contribute to higher customer retention rates.

With Skio’s expertise and support, Magic Mind can expect steady sales, a strong social media presence, and a larger subscriber base. Skio’s dynamic boxes and conditional logic allow for customizable product choices and combinations of actions, further adding value to the program. Magic Mind’s choice to partner with Skio demonstrates a commitment to providing an exceptional subscription experience for its customers.

Subscribers benefit from enhanced service and features

Subscribers of Magic Mind’s program are in for a treat with the enhanced service and new features brought by Skio management. With a focus on subscriber satisfaction, Skio aims to provide an improved experience for all users. Under Skio’s management, subscribers can expect better support and a higher level of service. Skio’s robust analytics will enable subscribers to make informed decisions about their subscription products, ensuring they get the most out of their experience. Additionally, Skio’s dynamic boxes and conditional logic allow for customizable product selections, catering to individual preferences. The introduction of a skio dashboard makes it easy for subscribers to manage their subscriptions, with comprehensive package options and easy payment methods. Subscribers will also benefit from a strong social media presence, word-of-mouth referrals, and a solid vendor support system. With Skio’s expertise, Magic Mind’s program is set to see a real impact on subscriber churn, customer retention, and overall satisfaction. Stay tuned for the full feature release post to explore the exciting new opportunities and advantages available to subscribers under Skio’s management.


In conclusion, the management shift of Magic Mind’s popular program to Skio brings exciting changes and anticipated benefits. With Skio’s expertise and dedication, subscribers can expect an enhanced experience with improved service and features. Magic Mind’s decision to choose Skio for their monthly subscription program is a testament to Skio’s reputation and capability in managing such programs effectively. As a subscriber, get ready to experience the benefits that Skio’s management will bring to the program. Stay tuned for updates and take full advantage of the new and improved services provided by Skio.

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