Delta Baggage Fees: Things to Know!

As a major legacy carrier with flights all around the globe, Delta Air Lines keeps things fairly straightforward. Unlike with checked bags, there is no specific weight limit for carry-ons and personal items – which is good news – though you’ll need to make certain your items fit within the airline’s size limit. In order to avoid the airline’s last-minute checked bag fees and hefty overweight penalties, come prepared. Here’s how to prevent the crunch on your next Delta flight.

Is there a baggage fee?

On all of Delta’s domestic flights (specifically, anywhere within the 50 states plus Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands), baggage fees start at $30 for a single checked item in economy; a second checked bag costs $40.

That changes if you’re flying internationally. On a journey to Rome, for example, the first bag is complimentary, and you’ll pay $100 for the next bag. Ditto for flights to Beijing and Tokyo, though for other international destinations – like Delhi, Cairo, and Muscat – you’re allowed two free checked bags. The exact fee depends upon where you’re flying, and can be found by using Delta’s online baggage fee calculator.

What’s included in the baggage fee?

One carry-on and a personal item are included in the cost of any seat in the key cabin. It’s worth noting the aforementioned fees apply and then basic economy, economy, and Delta Comfort+. Once you upgrade to high grade, Delta Premium Select, or Delta One, you automatically get two free checked bags – and they’re going to even boost the weight limit from 50 pounds to 70 pounds.

Delta Baggage Fees:

To take a weight off your shoulders prior to going, familiarize yourself with the weight allowances for Delta airlines baggage. Avoid additional baggage charges and help expedite your security screening process by reviewing the below carry-on and checked luggage restrictions.

On Canada transborder and US domestic flights, the standard Delta baggage allowance for a Main Cabin economy class seat, one direction, is:

Free carry-on bag and one free personal item;

$25 for your 1st checked bag under 23kgs (50 lbs);

$35 for your 2nd checked bag under 23 kgs (50 lbs);

What’s the catch?

A basic economy ticket will not grant you a no cost checked bag. If you are planing a trip to Europe, the first checked bag costs $75, while the next increases to $100. (When you are traveling to Africa, the Middle East, or Australia, however, your first checked bag is free.) Traveling to South America? You’ll also pay extra for your checked bag. On a flight to Buenos Aires, the first bag will be $60, and the next checked item will be $100.

While Delta’s free international checked bag fees are very reasonable, things begin to go south the moment you add additional luggage. A third checked bag will incur a $150 fee, and slightly overweight checked bags (51 to 70 pounds) will definitely cost extra $100; heavier loads (71 to 100 pounds) will do serious damage, developing to $200 apiece.

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