Pate De Foie Gras History

When it involves high end foods, foie gras is really a chefs preferred, venerated because of its simpleness, elegance and flexibility. Being a pt, duck foie gras could be served in many ways.

Whether you decide on entire foie gras or bloc foie gras, you will be sure that our items have been properly selected from the most effective companies in South-West France.

Whether you select a foie gras using a PGI Perigord stamp, a PGI South-West France stamp or one which carries the esteemed Label Rouge, you will be sure your duck foie gras is going to be of a fantastic quality using a balanced and complete flavour.

With a definite taste and much more pronounced flavour than goose, duck foie gras is certainly a genuine gastronomic delicacy. You can expect a variety of several duck foie gras items, boasting a succulent flavour. Our duck foie gras is certainly filled with flavour.

At Foie Gras Premium, we’ve foie gras pieces for you yourself to try as well. Our foie gras duck and goose entier duo established can make a flavoursome present for anyone using a flavor for French delicacies.

pate de foie gras is most generally eaten at the start of meals, either with canaps or being a starter.

their selection of 5 foie gras hampers has an excellent possibility to sample the number of flavours provided by FoieGrasGourmet : through the rich elegance in our goose foie gras towards the better quality and flavoursome duck foie gras.

Through the delicate flavour of Grolire goose foie gras towards the better quality character from the Label Rouge Domaine de Castelnau, we are able to provide perfect foie gras, whatever your preference.

And undoubtedly, if you’re unsure, they provide an array of our items for you yourself to test and decide which foie gras you prefer best.

These hampers are ideal, whether you want to ruin yourself while watching television, prepare a stylish starter for your loved ones meal or provide to friends and family as delicious canaps.

Because maintained foie gras is usually cooked at a higher temperature it comes with an superb shelf life, rendering it an ideal extravagance item for the larder.

The greatest foie gras at reduced price

Obtainable in jars or tins, maintained duck or goose foie gras is usually a perfect indulgent deal with when unpredicted guests contact. Once opened, it could be kept in its jar or on the covered plate inside your refrigerator for many days. Select your choice – silky goose foie gras or the somewhat gamier duck. Either is going to be specifically delicious when offered using a dash of Sauternes.

Goose foie gras builds up a special and refined taste in ones mouth area. For several foodies, the taste is slightly even more refined than that of the duck. Duck foie gras includes a even more pronounced flavor. Its assertive taste seduces many foodies and symbolizes a lot more than % from the creation of foie gras throughout France.